About Fat Thunder

Who I am - what I do?

Work to live, not live to work.

My house works to experience life. Not the other way around.

The unique skill-set make up of Fat Thunder allows us to pick clients. With that, brings a passion for product. I love my work!

Whether personal or professional projects, we guarantee the same commitment.

Have fun and learn.

So far in 2021, Fat Thunder has:

  • - taught myself archery
  • - made a kid
  • - began work on Croplike
  • - hiked... a lot

Remember that all work and no play === a loss of production.

My Team

Cursed with being awesome.

  • Ryan Orlando

    Web Developer / Consultant

  • Chloe Orlando

    Chairwoman of Responsibility

  • Nadja September

    "Bow before your queen!"

  • Elly

    The ole bitch of morale