<02. I "had" a ton of notes.

But I have no idea what I am going to type. I do have a new job.

After my in-laws staying with us, I am spent. 5 people in a 2 bedroom apartment... for 10 days. They do not speak the best English.

It hasn't been the most productive environment.

To make it more exciting, the day they leave, I get the office back. So I am kind of counting the seconds.

Then, the day after that, I start a new job as a Vue Engineer!

I will be working with Evident Change.

Evident Change Logo
Formerly the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD)
I am a bit stunned by that opportunity. If you read my last blog, you can understand why the past 4 months have been a whirlwind.

I am owning it. But it feels like I am riding a storm of my own design.

So let me focus for a second. This new job is going to allow me to contribute all the things I have been studying, for an amazing cause.

I am floored by this. I spent part of the weekend researching my new tech stack. So I am not blind on anything.

This will be an amazing opportunity! Logistics, I should be able to keep my daughter at home with Chloe and I. While we both work like vigilantes.

Now to the side project, Croplike.

I am gutting Rot.js. I wanna do everything myself. No this isn't famous last words. I can learn anything because I hyper focus when I am passionate.

So how am I going to render now? Well I have been taking a Three.js course with the intent of using that to render the game.

Croplike is going to consist of free and documented game development. Except for the narrative, all elements will be accessible to anyone.

Any earned income donated to a Domestic Abuse Shelter.

As for the progress, well you get it when you do. I am going to be more concentrated on work for a bit. But this brings up an idea on the game development of Croplike.
This isn't normal game dev.
Nadja is distracting.
I *never* do it when I am frustrated. It is a place I go to when I am happy. Not to say I don't run into problems. I do all the time.

But I only produce work when my mood is positive. This is a hobby and I want to enjoy myself. Which keeps me passionate about it.

I wish I had some words of wisdom on how I got here. Some positive reflection through archery. But there isn't any of this today. I have been struggling to maintain trajectory on everything I chose to engage in.

But I am. Like I mentioned, I am owning this! I turned 40 in Dec.

I can make things move faster than I ever have. Ride the storm, even if it is full of poop.
Nadja's poopy diaper
The path is often filled with danger.