Ryan Orlando

Web Developer  /  IT Support  /  Broadcast Production

Programming Languages:

With a focus on Vue.js and Svelte

[ JavaScript , Rust , C# ]

Scrum or Agile:

Worked with teams from different disciplines and workflows.

[ Jira , Trello , Slack ]

Responsive Problem Solving

Metric improvements on all projects and workflows.

[ Customer Curiosity , Collaboration , Creative Problem-solving ]

Fat Thunder hiking in Issaquah


Experience  / Education

A work ethic that is a force of nature. Change... is the law of life.

Vue Engineer

Evident Change

Freelance  / Web Developer


Freelance  / Content Distribution Model


  • Advised on class system implementation
  • Reduced impact on staffing by 40%
  • Interview teaching, coding, and curriculum production candidates
  • Develop new training widgets using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

Front End Web Developer  / Marketing Team

Soulbound Studios

  • Implemented and maintained community engagement events generating $4 million in crowdfunding

Front End Engineer  / DSS

Domain and Settlement Selection

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained front end of application, used Vue.js and Leaftlet.js

Merch by  / Seller Support

Merch by Amazon

  • Designed, implemented and maintained web application to automate case responses.
  • Reduced the average case handling time 2 minutes

Front End Cert  / freeCodeCamp, 2017


  • Front End Development Certificate

BS Film and Broadcasting  / CMSU, 2004

Central Missouri State University

  • Focused on production and business communication

Eagle Scout  / Troop 95, 2000

Boy Scouts of America

  • Planned, developed, and lead a community service project